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Murcia Administrative divisions

Murcia Photo:

  • Vegetables in Murcia

    Vegetables in Murcia
  • 20 De la Rama in Murci

    20 De la Rama in Mur
  • Murcia Liesure Club

    Murcia Liesure Club
  • Murci

  • Hda. Puya

    Hda. Puya
  • Mt. Canlandog Comm. Towers

    Mt. Canlandog Comm.
  • A bambo house

    A bambo house
  • Murcia


  • Hole # 8 Bacolod Golf

    Hole # 8 Bacolod Gol
  • Bacolod Golf and Country Club

    Bacolod Golf and Cou
  • Big Bike

    Big Bike
  • Carabao crossing street

    Carabao crossing str
  • Mambukal Resort Guesthouse

    Mambukal Resort Gues
  • Mambukal Hot Sulfur Spring

    Mambukal Hot Sulfur
  • Silay Sugar Cane Plantation

    Silay Sugar Cane Pla

  • Hda. Georgin

    Hda. Georgin
  • Hidding the Sun

    Hidding the Sun
  • St. Joseph the Worker Parish Church

    St. Joseph the Worke

  • Mambukal Pond

    Mambukal Pond
  • NSA hause

    NSA hause
  • Mambukal Falls Resort

    Mambukal Falls Resor
  • Gate

  • Library

  • CPAC Church

    CPAC Church
  • Central Philippine Adventist College Recreation Center

    Central Philippine A
  • Don Salvador Benidectos Watefall

    Don Salvador Benidec
  • Road going to Murcia

    Road going to Murcia
  • Steven & Statchy House

    Steven & Statchy Hou
  • Holly St. Green Acres Subd, Mansilingan, Bacolod City

    Holly St. Green Acre
  • PhilRice Negros

    PhilRice Negros
  • Asis

  • Twin Falls II

    Twin Falls II
  • Danny

    Danny "the dog\"
  • Coca Cola company

    Coca Cola company
  • WaterFalls at Mt. Kanlaon (C-T)

    WaterFalls at Mt. Ka
  • Cortez Residenc

    Cortez Residenc
  • SugarCane Plantation In Negros

    SugarCane Plantation
  • Waiting shed

    Waiting shed
  • Short cut to panaad

    Short cut to panaad
  • Bago River

    Bago River
  • Road going to Handumanan

    Road going to Handum
  • Sarap Maligo sa Ilog sa Mansilingan

    Sarap Maligo sa Ilog


  • Mt. Kanlaon

    Mt. Kanlaon
  • My House 03

    My House 03
  • Riverwalk Subdivision

    Riverwalk Subdivisio
  • San Carlos City Mountains

    San Carlos City Moun
  • Mt. Kalandog

    Mt. Kalandog
  • Minoyan targeted area

    Minoyan targeted are
  • murcia crossing abuanan

    murcia crossing abua
  • Roads of Sum-ag

    Roads of Sum-ag
  • Bacolod-San Carlos Road

    Bacolod-San Carlos R
  • Archdiocesan Shrine of St. John Bosc

    Archdiocesan Shrine
  • Bago River

    Bago River
  • mambuca

  • Minoyan Overflow

    Minoyan Overflow
  • Mambukal Nature Par

    Mambukal Nature Par
  • Cottages Houses in Mambukal Resor

    Cottages Houses in M
  • The paddling lagoon at Mambucal Resort

    The paddling lagoon
  • Pandanon

  • Mambucal

  • Pandanon

  • Mambukal

  • Rice Seedlings

    Rice Seedlings
  • Butterfly Garden at Mambuka

    Butterfly Garden at
  • Mt. Canlandog

    Mt. Canlandog
  • The 7th Falls

    The 7th Falls
  • Twin Falls

    Twin Falls
  • Panoramic View

    Panoramic View
  • PNOC

  • Pandanon falls

    Pandanon falls
  • northern negros geothermal fields

    northern negros geot
  • Forest Cover of Patag (EMEmpio)

    Forest Cover of Pata
  • crater pool by rain sometimes

    crater pool by rain
  • Tinagong Dagat quay bog and pond

    Tinagong Dagat quay
  • Buenos Aires

    Buenos Aires
  • Favourite River Ford

    Favourite River Ford
  • Canlaon Volcano Negros Occidental Philippines

    Canlaon Volcano Negr
  • thats the hanging bridge that im crossing!

    thats the hanging br
  • Mount Canla-on

    Mount Canla-on
  • boiling mud at sulfutara

    boiling mud at sulfu
  • 7th  Fall

    7th Fall
  • The Translink highway cutting through the mountains connecting Bacolod

    The Translink highwa
  • Igmaya-a

  • Lush green mountains of Negros

    Lush green mountains
  • Picturesque  smaller mountains near  the towering Canlaon volcano

    Picturesque smaller
  • rice terraces with canlaon volcano at background

    rice terraces with c
  • Panoramic views surrounding Canlaon

    Panoramic views surr
  • Sunset at Don Salvador

    Sunset at Don Salvad
  • We stopped by this little village with farmers layed out  their crops in the open .Big bulk buyers were there too.There were quite a variety of fresh veges  for sale.

    We stopped by this l

  • don salvador benedicto - mini rice terraces

    don salvador benedic
  • Waterfall

  • Mountain View Inn Resort

    Mountain View Inn Re
  • Kipot Twin Falls

    Kipot Twin Falls
  • Trail to Kipot Twin Fall

    Trail to Kipot Twin
  • Little Church at Don Salvador Benedicto

    Little Church at Don
  • A Bridge to far!

    A Bridge to far!
  • Green Valley

    Green Valley
  • The view of the summit

    The view of the summ
  • Negros Occidental

    Negros Occidental
  • Geothermal Plant - NNGPF

    Geothermal Plant - N
  • Nearing the Summit

    Nearing the Summit
  • RMS Lagoon. Mt. Kanla-o

    RMS Lagoon. Mt. Kanl
  • Mt Kanlaon

    Mt Kanlaon
  • Mount Kanla on - Island Negros Philippines

    Mount Kanla on - Isl
  • Northwest Side

    Northwest Side
  • Mambukal Waterfall

    Mambukal Waterfall
  • Mt. Kanlaons Dead Crater

    Mt. Kanlaons Dead Cr
  • Mambuka

  • Mt. Kanlaon summit viewed from Makawiwili

    Mt. Kanlaon summit v
  • CMA Mt. Canlaon

    CMA Mt. Canlaon
  • margaja valley

    margaja valley
  • Valley

  • Overlooking Saddle and Crater

    Overlooking Saddle a
  • Saddle - Magaraja Valley

    Saddle - Magaraja Va

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Murcia POI

Abiaan Creek Abuanan
Alac Alegria
Alibasao Ara-al
Arraal Arraal
Asia,Asia River Bacolod Hacienda
Badiang Creek Bago Creek
Balsahan Benitinan
Big Caliban,Big Caliban River Binitin
Binobuhan Hacienda Blumentritt
Buenavista Buenavista Hacienda
Bulad Creek Bulad Hacienda
Butuan,Butuan River Cabagsiuan Hacienda
Cabarao Creek Cabunganan
Cabunganan Creek Caliban Creek
Caliban,Caliban River Calubcub Hacienda
Canlandog Creek Canlaon Mountain
Canlaon Volcano Cancilayan,Cansilayan
Cancilayan Creek,Cansilayan River Catugasan
Cauayuay,Cawayuan Codcod
Hacienda Concordia Daguan Hacienda
Dalupia Dalupia,Dalupia River
Banao Dato
Dulom Enangua,Enangue
Encarnacion Hacienda Entorilan
Entorilan,Entorilan River Hacienda Fermina
Gama Creek Genoveva Hacienda
Granada Guinamaan Daku,Guinamaan Daku River
Guinamaan Djuta,Guinamaan Djuta River Hacienda Abo Abo
Alegria Hacienda,Hacienda Alegria Hacienda Arguiles
Hacienda Buenavista Caliban Hacienda,Hacienda Caliban
Hacienda Gatuslao Hacienda Hilado
Hacienda Luisa Carmen Hacienda Lulu
Hacienda Nato Hacienda Pacita
Hacienda Paz Hacienda Paz
Hacienda San Baldomero Hacienda San Bernabe
Hacienda San Isidro Hacienda Santa Rosa,Santa Rosa,Santa Rosa Hacienda
Hacienda Santo Nino,Hacienda Santo Niño Haguim
Halupan Iglauaan,Iglauaan Hacienda
Iglauaan Creek Iglaua-an,Iglauaan Hacienda,Iglauan
Igmaya-an Igmaya-an Creek
Inalacan River Kumalisqui,Kumalisquis
Langub Creek Little Caliban,Little Caliban River
Los Banos,Los Baños Luisiana
Lumaatang,Lumagtang Lumagtang Creek
Ma-ao Ma-ao Barrio
Magcupao,Magcupao River Magsungay Diotay Creek
Magsungay River Maguey Creek
Mailum Malunyon,Malunyon River
Mambucal,Mancubal Mambucal National Park
Mangorggong,Mangorggong River Mansilingan
Mansipang Mountain Range,Mansipañg Mountain Range Manyaya
Manyaya Creek Maugbi
Maugbi Mercedes Hacienda
Minoyan,Minuyan Montinola
Moreno Murcia
Murcia Nabalian
Najalin,Najalin River New Pandanon,Pandanon
Pandan Creek Old Pandanon,Pandanon
Pandanon Creek Pandanon,Pandanon River
Panlauigan,Panlawigan Pantuagan,Pantuagan River
Pata-an Mountain Range Pitogo,Pitogo Hacienda
Negros Occidental,Occidental Negros Prudencia
Pula River Puncian,Puncian River
Hacienda San Antonio,San Antonio Hacienda San Jose
San Luis Hacienda San Miguel
San Miguel San Miguel,San Miguel River
Santa Cruz Santa Rosa
Santo Bama Santo Boragwac
Santo Mansibango Simaguan,Simaguan River
Tabadyang Tabadyang Creek
Talos Talotog
Tayumaan,Tayumaan River Tininawan
Tubidiao Mountain Range Tuburan Creek
Vista Alegre

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